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Disease Information Know About Your Problems

Find reliable and relevant information on various diseases and their conditions.

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Know about the problems that can affect your knee. Eg. ACL tear, PCL Tear, Multi-Ligament tear, Meniscus Tear, Other Diseases


Learn about various diseases that affects your shoulders. Eg. Recurrent Dislocation, Rotation Cuff Tear, Impigment Syndrome, Other

Foot and Ankle

Learn about the foot and ankle treatments. Whom to ask and where to go.

Hip Joint

More ageing greater that 45 are more susceptible to Osteoarthritis. Click to know about what factors can affect your hip joint.

Know your Doctor Doctor's Information

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Dr. Anil K. Sharma

Dr. Anil Sharma is the trained Foot and Ankle Surgeon in the City. He is the orthopaecician who is doing USG.

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Services We Offer

At Sharma Ortho Specialty Clinic, we provide a wide range of Ortho Services. Scroll down to know more about the services.

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