When your entire sole of feet touches ground while standing the condition is called as flat feet. Flat feet can occur in childhood period due to noon development of medial arch or it can occur in to adulthood or in old age after an injuries or wear and tear due to age.

Flat foot is a common orthopaedic condition and it is also known as per planus. Flat feet can be two type

  1. Flexible flat feet
  2. Rigid flat feet

generally flat feet don’t require treatment but when flat feet become pain full flat feet then we need treatment. Treatment of flat feet can be conservative initially and many of patients get relief and permanent cure with conservative treatment like arch support and physiotherapy.

Some of children’s and adults don’t feel relief with conservative treatment then they need surgical correction of flat feet. There are many options of surgery to treat flat feet depending on age of patients, causes of flat feet and other associated conditions.

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