Ilizarov ring fixator applied for infected nonunion of distal third leg bone

Ilizarov fixation is a external fixation apparatus used to treat more complex(communited) fracture, open fracture, severe malunion, infected non union or difficult non union when either no other options are viable or all other options already tried or ilizarov can be used as primary treatment for these very difficult problems.

In ilizarov fixation basic principle is distraction osteogenesis. It differ from conventional external fixator as it encircle the limb as a cylinder and it uses wires instead of pins to fix the bone to frame.

Dr. Anil Sharma has vast experience of ilizarov fixation and he treated many difficult infected non union and limb deformity by ilizarov fixation. Ilizarov fixation needs proper planning and post op care and timely follow up of patients. Dr. Anil Sharma do meticulous planning for every case of ilizarov and make frame of ilizarov himself so there is no chances of any mistakes. We have follow up of our patients with proper instructions and proper reminder for every needed action and befor every follow up visit for care of frame or distraction of frame for new bone formation. We also have teleconsultation facility with video calls so patients from very far distance need not to come for minor aliments. 

So if you have any limb deformity,  or a nonunion which is not uniting or a infected non union, or nonunion with bone gap, or malunion or some congenital problem like psedoarthrodesis of tibia, when no other options are viable or tried already and you want to walk normally as soon as possible then you should contact to best ilizarov surgeon in Jaipur Dr. Anil Sharma. You can BOOK APPOINTMENT at our clinic or if you live at long distance from Jaipur then you can make a TELECONSULTATION and you can discuss everything about your problem and about ilizarov fixation. Then you can come for your final treatment.