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mucoid degeneration of acl

Mucoid degeneration of acl (anterior cruciate ligament) is not a common problem and mostly it is found in female patients. in this condition your acl (anterior cruciate ligament) filled with jelly like material and it thickened so space in intercondylar resion of knee joint is reduced.

What you feel (symptoms)

You feel heaviness in knee joint.

Pain during squatting or hyper flexion of your knee joint.

Limitation of movement of knee joint

What your clinician feel (signs)

Your knee joint look stable during clinical examination

You may feel pain during hyeprflexion of knee joint


Diagnosis of mucoid degeneration is depends on MRI finding of your anterior cruciate ligament. in mucoid degeneration of acl your ligament filled with jelly like material and looks thickened in your MRI images.





treatment of mucoid degeneration of acl is partial or complete arthroscopic debridement of acl. if disease can be resected with partial debridement then no need of further treatment and you will get complete relief with some physiotherapy as well but if you need complete resection of acl then you will need a acl reconstruction procedure at same time or at second surgery to get complete relief and stable knee.

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