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Trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis)

It is a condition in which one of your finger or thumb get stuck or locked in bend position or may straight with clearly feel snap.

Symptoms ( What you feel)

Your one or more finger stuck in one position 

A pop or click when you bend your finger

Your finger may be stiff specially in the morning

You feel painful snapping

You may feel a small bump on base of affected finger

Your day to day tasks become more difficult

Your symptoms often start milder and become more severe with time.

Risk factor for trigger finger

Age- it is common in fifties and sixties

Sex-  it is more common in female

Occupations- jobs which need repetitive hand gripping and repetitive movement of finger and thumb are at higher risk 

Other associated disease- Peoples who have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or gout are at higher risk to develop trigger finger.


Physical examination (What your doctor feel)

Your doctor will check your hand for swelling, tenderness, temperature. Trigger finger is all clinical diagnosis. Your doctor will feel a nodule at base of affected finger. There is no need of any investigation to diagnose trigger finger. 


Nonsurgical treatment

Most cases of trigger finger can be treated with nonsurgical treatment. Non surgical treatment include ice, rest splint, medication and local steroid injection.

Steroid injection for trigger finger- this is most effective treatment method for trigger finger. You doctor inject a steroid in to tendon sheath of a flexor tendon (which cause finger to bend)  of affected finger. Trigger finger can reoccur after some time of normal activity. Your doctor can give more then one injection of steroid. 

If your symptoms are very severe and or other treatment options already tried then your doctor may suggest a surgical options for trigger finger

Surgical treatment

There are two type of procedure for trigger finger release

Percutaneous release by needle- your doctor insert a needle in to your palm in area of affected tendon and release all tight structure and make your tendon glide smoothly. 

Surgical release- your doctor will make a small stab incision and cot the tendon sheath and this will make your tendon glide normally.




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