most common cause of ankle arthritis is disturb alignment of ankle joint either due to malunited fracture or due to ligaments injuries

Most common cause of ankle arthritis is trauma to ankle joint. Trauma to ankle joint can cause intraarticular fracture or ligaments injuries and these injuries if not treated optimally, may leads to ankle arthritis in future. Arthritis in ankle joint occurs due to degeneration of cartilage of your ankle due to instability or uneven stress over already damaged joint cartilage . Post traumatic arthritis  is most common cause of ankle fusion surgery (Arthrodesis of ankle joint) and total ankle replacement surgery .

When your ankle cartilage breaks down over time and the result is severely damaged joint surface with bone rubbing on bone its known as high grade or grade four of osteoarthritis. In opposite to knee osteoarthritis, Ankle arthritis is more tolerated to patients and patients feel less pain as compare to knee arthritis of same degree.

Ankle arthritis lateral view shows decrease joint space and osteophytes formation around ankle joint