What is second opinion

When you faced with a medical/surgical diagnosis for the first time, it is natural to start worrying about the future. You may want to know how your condition will affect your career, your family and your quality of life. You may start worrying about your diagnosis and wondering what treatment is best for you. When you are in confusion about your primary diagnosis or want to know more about your diagnosis and treatment options then you should contact for second opinion from a different doctor.

There are many more resions to seek a second opinion because you want to reconfirm, reassure and to recover with full satisfaction. Second opinions have been found to bring down cost of healthcare and reduces misdiagnoses.

Why second opinion

Every life counts and deserves a second opinion irrespective of economic condition. We are here to give you best diagnosis and treatment options as second opinion. We provide unbiased second opinion on your medical/surgical condition, for your added satisfaction.

Everyone wants best doctor for his treatment and if it is not possible due to any resion either economical or distance then teleconsultaion is great option to take second opinion from best doctor you want.

Understanding in detailed

People may obtain a second opinion to ensure their diagnosis with an independent clinical expert. Primary diagnosis may be potentially life changing, and it is best to validate it before it negatively impacts their life. A person also wish to know a detailed explanation about their condition and treatment plan and how their treatment plan will affect them in the personal, professional and medical aspects of their life.

Available alternative options

Sometimes an expensive treatment plan initially offered for their diagnosis may not be the most appropriate available, there may be another better and more affordable options of treatment for your problem and in these instances, a second opinion can benefit you by exploring options that may be more affordable without compromising on clinical benefit. These options may also ensure you are not subjected to unnecessary or costly surgery that offers no benefit over other available options.

Make you more confident

Second opinion make the most informed decision about your healthcare or that of a loved one. It also ensure your treatment plan is optimal for you so it will increase confidence in your primary clinician.

Some cause related your primary physician

 Sometimes your current surgeon not make you sure what is exactly wrong with you and what is best option from available many options for treatment of particular problem or you may feel trouble talking with your doctor due to any cause or sometime your current doctor is not a specialist in your conditions then second opinion is best option to make you sure and comfortable 


Why should you seek a second opinion from tele consultation

 Eliminate the need for the expense and lost time with travel.

Reduce lost time and revenue due to away from employment.

You can make yourself very comfortable after taking second opinion from best doctor in there speciality even very away from you.

From the comfort of your home.

So the advantages of second opinion from teleconsultation are many: financial, physical and psychological. Providing these services remotely will improve patient access to medical care and no need for fixing appointments, waiting at the clinic, privacy, risk of hospital acquired infection etc

When you need a second opinion in orthopaedic conditions

  1. When your doctor doesn’t have the required specialist knowledge for your condition or
  2. When you haven’t received a clear diagnosis or therapy recommendation or
  3. When various doctors have given you different recommendations and you need help making a decision or
  4. When your doctor has recommended a major operation and you want to make sure that it’s the best way to help you or
  5. When you feel that you haven’t been given enough information about your diagnosis or planned treatment or
  6. When the suggested treatment promises no significant improvement to your condition or
  7. When you want to find out if there are other treatment options you can pursue or
  8. When you are confuse to choose either operative or nonoperative treatment for same condition or
  9. When you don’t want surgical option for your condition

Why Dr. Anil Sharma

Dr. Anil Sharma is best orthopedic surgeon in Jaipur and we offer a neutral opinion. We have no vested interest in the operation of healthcare in your place and, do not promote any particular treatment, hospital or medical specialist for personal gain. In making a professional decision, our primary and only motivation is your best interest and our own professional reputation. Neutrality equals authenticity.

We aim to help you understand your medical/surgical condition and ensure you have been given an accurate diagnosis and are aware of all possible treatment options. We can help you choose the most suitable option. The right diagnosis leads to the right treatment and peace of mind for you. The medical/surgical advise provide to you will be up to date and in keeping with best practice in developed countries.

Dr. Anil Sharma is senior orthopedic doctor at well reputed hospitals in Jaipur and also he was an Ex. Assistant professor in well reputed SMS Hospital, Jaipur and achieved this after years of rigorous training and demanding professional examinations. A core concept of this training involves evidence based medicine. Medical procedures and interventions are offered to patients only if they show clear benefit in research papers published in peer reviewed journals. Dr. anil sharma understand how to interpret the evidence provided and are familiar  with the most recent advances in their field. By obtaining his opinion, you benefit from treatment backed by research and evidence.

We don’t have to disagree with your existing diagnosis. We can support on it and give you further reassurance.

Some tele consultation service provider have association with many pharma or implant company so there is always chances of leaking or selling your medical or personal data to that companies.

But we don’t have any association with any company so your personal and medical data will remain secure always.

How can you avail this facility

Step 1- Book appointment for teleconsultation

First you have to book a teleconsultation appointment from website for Video consultation or you can choose email consultation also. After receiving your appointment request we will send you confirmation mail on your email and your mobile as WhatsApp message or text message.

Step 2- Upload your reports and symptoms and questions and pay fee online

When you received your confirmation mail with teleconsultation registration no. you will upload your all previous reports and documents with your symptoms and questions and pay fee as describe in your confirmation mail

Step 3- Confirm a time slot for video consultation from Dr. Anil Sharma and receive clear diagnosis and treatment plan.

When we will receive your documents and consultation fee we will give you time slot options to confirm your video consultation time with Dr. Anil Sharma

What I need to have a teleconsultation with dr. anil sharma

You just need a vedio call app like whatsapp or skype or FaceTime and internet connection or you can take a email opinion also.

We ensure our services are easily accessible through multiple different forms of communication, including online access, email, phone, WhatsApp, Skype, facetime  and video link. This ensures you are linked to Dr. Anil Sharma through whichever method best suits your individual circumstances.Your data will remain confidential and secure throughout the process via the safeguards in place within our digital platform