Why Dr. Anil Sharma is best foot and ankle surgeon  for foot and ankle surgery in Jaipur

Foot and ankle surgery is a sub-specialty of orthopedics that deals with treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of disorder of foot and ankle.

Dr. Anil Sharma is first fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeon in Jaipur and now he is best foot and ankle surgeon and most experienced foot and ankle surgeon in Jaipur.

Foot and ankle problems need experienced and specialy trained orthopedic surgeon who trained in foot and ankle speciality. Dr. Sharma has done his foot and ankle fellowship from one of the best foot and ankle centre in world DUKE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTRE, department of orthopedic surgery, Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Now he has done many surgeries specifically related  to foot and ankle like surgery for flat foot, surgery for diabetic foot, surgery for neglected foot and ankle trauma, surgery for previously failed foot surgeries and failed ankle surgeries, surgery for calcaneum fracture, surgery for malunited calcaneum fracture, surgery for tendon tear in foot and ankle, surgery for ankle ligaments tear (ATFL tear) and many more foot surgery and ankle surgery.

So if you are suffering from a foot and ankle problems either diagnosed or undiagnosed then you should take appointment for best foot and ankle specialist surgeon in jaipur.



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