What is arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure on a joint to diagnosis  or to treat various problems of joint. Arthroscopy also known as keyhole surgery. In this procedure a endoscope attached to a fibre opticvedio camera  is inserted in to your joint and your inside joint image is transmitted to a high definition monitor.

Why Dr. Anil Sharma is best arthroscopy surgeon in Jaipur 

Dr. Anil Sharma started learning arthroscopy when he was in his orthopedic training so when he completed his orthopedic training he was able to do about all arthroscopic surgery of knee and shoulder joint then he did advance Arthroscopy course from Bangalore and Chennai to do advance Arthroscopic surgery of knee and shoulder joints. So Dr. Anil Sharma started knee arthroscopy and shoulder arthroscopy surgery long ago and now he is very experienced best arthroscopic surgeon in Jaipur.

Dr. Anil Sharma has done surgeon knowledge exchange programme on advance shoulder arthroscopy internationally.

Dr. Anil Sharma was an assistant professor in SMS Hospital Jaipur and once  he was only arthroscopic surgeon in orthopedic department of SMS Hospital. He has done many hundreds arthroscopic procedure of knee, shoulder, ankle joints and some procedure for hip and wrist joints.

Dr. Anil Sharma has done some changes in technique of arthroscopy and he has done ACL reconstructions surgery of many players and sports man and many army persons and all his patients are very satisfied and returned to their previous level of activities.

Dr. Anil Sharma also has very much experience in PCL surgery and he is doing PCL reconstruction surgery with only two portal technique without need of accessory posteromedial portal. This need very much experience and expertise to do PCL reconstruction surgery with only two portals.

SO when you need an arthroscopic surgery for knee, shoulder, ankle or other joint then you should contact once with best arthroscopic surgeon Dr. Anil Sharma.