Fracture or broken bone

Fracture is discontinuity of bone. For orthopedic surgeon fracture is common term then broken bone. Most bone fractures are due to road traffic accidents(RTA) or fall from hight. 

Some common types of fractures 

Closed fracture- When your bone has broken but your covering skin of limb is intact then it is known as close fracture (fractured bone or bone fragments are covered with skin)

Open fracture or compound fracture- when overlying skin of a fracture bone is damaged and there is rent or large wound in skin then it is known as compound fracture. For compound fracture there is more chance of getting infection or develop osteomyelitis in that bone due to contamination from outer environment.

Pathological fracture- When bone fracture occurs due to any underlying disease then it is called as pathological fracture. Pathological fracture occurs due bone is already weakened by disease and you may get fracture only by trivial trauma or a simple slip. Disease can be systemic (in whole body like Rheumatoid arthritis) or local at that area of fracture (bone tumor).

Hair line fracture- when bone is not fractured completely then it is known as hairline fracture. Many times this type of fracture is difficult to see on routine xray.

When your bone is broken it can be very complex or can be associated with many dangerous injuries. So it is very necessary to decide severity of fracture and severity of associated injury.

When fracture is not treated in appropriate manner then simple mid shaft fracture of any bone could be a disaster for you. When we talk about compound fracture or open fracture then it is more important that you should treat by a best orthopedic surgeon who have very much experience in fracture surgery.

What are the factors when you should give priority for best trauma surgeon ?

  1. Open or compound fracture- When your overlying skin of fracture site area is damaged and either has a pin point hole or has a major wound, you should always search for a best fracture surgeon and best orthopedic hospital so there is very less chance of post op infection or other complications (because in bone there is only two things which can never expected and also uncertain to treat, Infection and Tumor). Ex. Open fracture of leg bone, open fracture of thigh bone
  1. Intra articular fractures (fracture involve joints)- When you got a fracture around your joint and your joint surface become irregular due to fracture fragments you should always search for a best trauma surgeon and best orthopedic hospital because it is very important to maintain articular congruity for best post operation results and to achieve full movement of that joint so there is very less chance of development of stiffness, loss of movement of joint and secondary arthritis due to irregular surface of joint. Ex. Fracture around knee joint, fracture around elbow joint
  1. Difficult area fracture-  Some orthopedic surgeon have very limited exposure to some difficult area fracture like fractures of foot bones, fracture around shoulder joint, pelvic bone fracture, in these conditions you should always search for orthopedic doctor who have wide exposure for that particular fracture to get best results for fracture.

What does make Dr. Anil Sharma a best trauma surgeon in jaipur

Dr. Anil Sharma is best trauma surgeon in Jaipur to treatment of all these difficult fractures. Dr. anil sharma has done his orthopedic training from SMS Hospital, jaipur and then he was an assistant professor there for many years  where he operated many of open fractures and intraarticular fractures and there he was known as best orthopedic trauma surgeon for intraarticular fractures and after that he is visiting consultant in many orthopedic hospital where he goes to do surgery of these difficult fractures like intra articular fracture and fractures of difficult area. Dr. Anil Sharma is best fracture surgeon in Jaipur for fracture around knee joint. Dr. Anil Sharma has wide experience to reduce intraarticular fractures and make joint surface like normal.

Dr. Anil Sharma tells every time to his post graduate students and for his assistant surgeon that “if you are using force to reduce fracture then you surely making a mistake”. He always believe that orthopedic trauma is a art of understanding of fracture pattern to reduce them softly and not to apply force at any moment of surgery. Because of his great understanding of reducing fractures of difficult area and intraarticular fractures, his results of fracture surgery are always very much satisfactory for his patients.

So if you have fracture around knee joint, fracture around elbow joint, fractures of foot bones, fractures of shoulder area or fracture of pelvic (hip joint area) bone, you should always take a appointment to take advantage of his experience. If you are having difficulty to move to his clinic you can take second opinion through teleconsultation for your fracture so you will better understand treatment options and results