Lisfranc injury also known as lisfranc fracture is a mid-foot injury. in this injury one or metatarsal bone displaced from tarsal bone of foot. This injury mainly caused by a high energy trauma to mid-foot like road traffic accident or fall from hight.

Sometimes this injury looks like subtle injury but this is a serious injury and should be treated aggressively otherwise you will feel continuous pain in your foot.

What you feel (symptoms)

Symptoms of lisfranc injury depends on severity of your injury

Pain in mid-foot area may be mild or it can be as much s you can not put body weight on affected foot.

Swelling of foot

What your clinician feel (signs)

There is degree of tenderness on mid-foot area mainly between base of 1st and 2nd metatarsal area


diagnosis of lisfranc injury can be done on x-ray and if your clinician feel he can advise stress x-ray for diagnosis of lisfranc injury.


Minimal injury can be treated with conservative treatment and your orthopaedic surgeon may suggest you non ambulatory plaster cast or boot. This plaster cast should be for about 6 weeks from date of injury.

When injury is more severe or there is displacement is clearly visible on stress x-ray then your doctor may suggest you surgical repair for lisfranc injury. Results of surgical repairs is very good for this injury.

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lisfranc injury
3d ct of lisfranc injury


post-op x-ray of lisfranc injury