Generally we can say it elbow dislocation in children but actually it is radial head dislocation from it annular ring at elbow joint.

When you lift your baby with catching from his/her wrist or forearm he/she starts sudden crying. he/she doesn’t move his whole upper limb and continue cry. In this condition

What your baby feel/do

he doesn’t allow to touch his hand or elbow

he stop doing any activity from his hand

he cry continuously


What your doctor see/ feel

your doctor make this disease diagnosis only on basis of  injury circumstances and seeing position of hand of your baby. Your doctor will ask you about consequences of injury and check your baby elbow for any swelling. he may request an X-ray  to rule out fracture. In this condition your baby X-ray will be normal.

Then your doctor distract your baby and do a gentle reduction of radial head in to its annular ligament in just few seconds. Just after reduction you will feel that your baby behave like nothing had happened to him and he will start using his hand after 2 to 5 mins.




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